Transforming elements into transcendent spirits.

Distilling the High Desert Into Liquid Gold

You might call our story the “Central Oregon Dream,” and it starts as many stories here do. In 1992, a couple of friends came to Central Oregon to go snowboarding…and never left.

Ten years later, Tyler launched Cascade Alchemy and soon met Joe, a graduate of Distilling School, Oregon native and veteran keg and bottling supervisor for a Bend-based craft brewery; Joe’s brother James soon joined the distillery as a partner. It was their dream to take common elements and transform them into a taste of the High Desert.

Starting on a shoestring budget, the three partners have built Cascade Alchemy into a premier distillery through devotion and hard work. Their six signature Spirits combine a passion for distilling with their love for the beautiful Central Oregon environment—a perfect place to build a superb distillery. Cascade Alchemy transforms Bend’s pure mountain water and natural ingredients into pure liquid gold; the temperature swings of four seasons age it to perfection.

At Cascade Alchemy, we love spirits and the High Desert life, so we use simple, all-natural ingredients and local botanicals to produce some of the most distinctive spirits on the West Coast.

Our unique Oregon Gin is crafted with juniper berries hand-picked in the Badlands just east of Bend. The delightful flavors draw from the floral tones of the berry, not the resins, with a light cucumber finish. Even “non-gin” people like our gin!

We blend locally-made Chai Tea with our superb vodka for the Chai Tea Vodka that’s become one of our best sellers.

Our Bourbon whiskey brings rich caramel and vanilla notes with an unbelievably smooth finish.

Call us for a tour and a free tasting of these fine spirits (and also our Barley Shine, Vodka and Apple Pie) at our distillery in Bend, Oregon 541-797-0992.  Like us on Facebook to keep up on all the latest Cascade Alchemy news.

Mondays through Saturdays from 11am to 3pm are good days to swing on by the distillery to meet the team. Come on in for a tasting and pick up some spirits and shirts in the retail room. You’ll get a first hand look at what it takes to make a great tasting spirit.