Transforming elements into transcendent spirits.

Distilling is our Passion, but…


Mar 13, 2014 Comments are off

blending spirits keeps our lights on. There’s nothing more satisfying than developing a grain bill, mashing it out, fermenting and then distilling it to make a tasty spirit. We do this with our Barley Shine, it’s 100% fermented and distilled at our distillery. We’d like to do this with all our spirits, but after the [...]

Distilling with Internal Electric Elements


Mar 4, 2014 distilling Comments are off

A big part of learning how to distill is finding out “what not to do!” So here’s a tip of advice for all the distillers who are thinking about distilling on exposed electric elements within their still, which is to get the yeast out of your wash. The exposed elements will fry the yeast and [...]

Vertical Text For Labels


Feb 21, 2014 design Comments are off

As a graphic designer by trade, I have certain rules that I design by. One of these rules pertains to vertical text and its direction when applied to the design. If you take a look at any book spine you will see that the text starts at the top and reads down the spine to [...]