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Distilling with Internal Electric Elements


Mar 4, 2014 distilling Comments are off

A big part of learning how to distill is finding out “what not to do!” So here’s a tip of advice for all the distillers who are thinking about distilling on exposed electric elements within their still, which is to get the yeast out of your wash. The exposed elements will fry the yeast and create an off flavor of your spirit. It will also stink up your entire distillery when you empty the still. Burnt yeast is no good.

To remove yeast from a 100 gallon fermented wash you must run it through a filter. We use a 20″ plate filter housing and run the wash through course pads and then fine pads. The fine pads will pull out anything larger than 2um and does a great job of getting the yeast out. It takes pretty much a whole day to do the filtering, but the results insure a clean run on electric elements.

If you don’t believe us, try a test for yourself. Run a wash with and without yeast though your electric element heated still and let the spirits speak for themselves.

If you can afford it, start off with a still that doesn’t use internal electric elements. That way you can save this time consuming step. But, if you’re on a budget like us, well then, you gotta do what you gotta do to make a tasty spirit.

Ross Wordhouse