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Distilling is our Passion, but…


Mar 13, 2014 Comments are off

blending spirits keeps our lights on.

There’s nothing more satisfying than developing a grain bill, mashing it out, fermenting and then distilling it to make a tasty spirit. We do this with our Barley Shine, it’s 100% fermented and distilled at our distillery. We’d like to do this with all our spirits, but after the Feds and State take their share and we pay for costs of goods sold, we don’t make enough to buy a cup of coffee.

So, we have to keep the lights on with our other products that we blend at the distillery. We take just the same amount of care and dedication with our blending as we do with our distilling, so no quality is lost in the craftsmanship. But, the blended spirits pay the bills so we can afford to indulge our distilling passion.

So before anyone passes judgement on the validity of a crafted product, one must understand the economics of distilling and how a distillery can stay afloat in an overly taxed and regulated industry. We think we’ve found a good balance between our distilling passion and generating an income to keep our venture alive. In the end, all we care about is making tasty spirits that people enjoy and purchase. If we do this, then we will succeed.