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Vertical Text For Labels


Feb 21, 2014 design Comments are off

As a graphic designer by trade, I have certain rules that I design by. One of these rules pertains to vertical text and its direction when applied to the design. If you take a look at any book spine you will see that the text starts at the top and reads down the spine to the base of the spine, where it’s rested on a bookshelf. I believe this is mainly done due to the fact the majority of people are right handed and tend to lean their head right to read vertical text.

This vertical text reading design rule can be applied to your spirit labels when you’re needing to use vertical text. Customers are accustomed to reading vertical text from top to bottom so don’t make it unfamiliar to them, use what works. We do this on our bottles and it works well. So next time your working on the design of your bottle and you need to use vertical text, fall back on this rule and you’ll have better success with your customer communication.

- Ross Wordhouse